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Cannata v. Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, No. 06-2196, 2006 WL 2927604 (N.D. Ill. Oct. 11, 2006)

This is a case in which VBLH&C obtained a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of homeowners impacted by industrial pollution.  After discovering contamination from a nearby landfill, we filed suit on behalf of homeowners alleging violations of federal statutory law and state common law.  The defendants moved to dismiss, arguing that the court should not exercise supplemental jurisdiction over the state-law claims.  The defendants also argued that the court should abstain from hearing the plaintiffs’ claims, because, among other things, those claims involved complex state regulatory issues.  The court denied the motion to dismiss.  In so doing, the court agreed with VBLH&C that Seventh Circuit precedent did not require dismissal of suits merely because those suits touched on issues regulated by state agencies.