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In April, 1996, we left our practices as equity partners in two large Chicago law firms to form a new law practice focused on service and efficiency.  While we found our former practices professionally rewarding, we also found that the trappings common to many large firms were distracting and often frustrated the efficient delivery of services to our clients.  In choosing to open this firm, we sought to streamline our practices, focus our efforts exclusively on our clients and substantially lower our billing rates, while providing the same high level of representation.  We brought together experience in a wide variety of legal services for businesses including commercial litigation, class action litigation, consumer financial services litigation and counseling, environmental  litigation and regulatory compliance, governmental litigation and counseling, real estate litigation, product liability litigation, employment litigation, partnership and shareholder disputes, and insurance coverage litigation.

Today our clients range from individuals and small businesses to large national and multinational corporations.  But we are not full service legal providers who provide everything to every client.  We are aggressive, focused litigators, experienced in resolving complex disputes either by maximizing our client’s return or by minimizing its exposure.  Our substantial experience in litigating complex business disputes takes our seasoned trial lawyers to state and federal trial courts and to appellate courts across the country.  Likewise, our knowledge of regulatory compliance brings us before many local, state, and national regulatory authorities. We also have considerable experience with various forms of alternative dispute resolution, which at times is the most economical means of achieving the optimal result for our clients.   In short, we know how to plead, discover, try and win lawsuits and how to otherwise achieve favorable results for our clients – whether in litigation or in non-litigation compliance and regulatory contexts.

We understand that the cases we handle are not ours – they belong to our clients.  We, the principals, work on the matters; we communicate directly with the clients; we respond to inquiries on a moment’s notice; and we forcefully advocate the client’s position to achieve the most successful resolution possible.  We make no significant investment (time or expense) in any case without the prior blessing of our clients and without agreement on the course of action.  There are no surprises.  Our substantially lower hourly rates allow us to be hands on in all aspects of our clients’ matters.  We do not staff cases with layers of lawyers.  Our clients receive the sophistication of a large firm litigation practice with the responsiveness and competitive rate structure of a smaller firm.